Digital Use Case Platform

AFRY’s Digital Use Cases Platform assists companies in leveraging the benefits of digital improvements and steer their digitalisation efforts.

Digitalisation provides significant advantages, such as increasing efficiency and quality of existing products and services. It can also offer the chance to identify new business models and opportunities for growth.

Yet, due to a lack of transparency, executives find it difficult to identify, track and control the large number of different digitalisation activities within the organization. It is challenging to prioritise and allocate resources to the most promising initiatives and establish clear processes to support sharing use cases internally, let alone externally.

AFRY’s Digital Use Cases Platform provides a solution for this challenge. The platform is a web application that supports prioritizing, visualizing, tracking and sharing initiatives throughout the organization and beyond.

The platform allows users to:

  • Develop and describe their digitalisation idea and let it flourish;
  • Keep track of the implementation status, progress and outcome of every Digital Use Case
  • Navigate and discover Digital Use Cases from various entities;
  • Find ideas and initiatives with an advanced search option; and
  • Maintain strict control over access to information both internally and externally

The Digital Use Cases Approach

We ourselves do not identify Digital Use Cases. Our clients do, assisted by AFRY’s consultants and their deep sector know-how. In this way, the client can work on exactly those Use Cases that are fitted best to their organization’s individual needs and strategic priorities. We engage a company’s entire organization to discover and manage digitalisation initiatives. Our industry experts help challenging the identification of new use cases. We accelerate the transformation progress by tracking progress against objectives and ultimately facilitate collaboration on Use Cases within or beyond organizational boundaries. Along the whole way the Digital Use Case Platform supports the process, from first inspiration to actual implementation of a Digital Use Case and the evaluation of its outcome.

The Outcome

With this approach AFRY enables companies to gather a wide range of digitalisation initiatives and coordinate the digital transformation in line with strategic priorities. It empowers organisations to:

  • Rapidly realize a defined number of selected Digital Use Cases within one year;
  • Enhance the digital competences of divisions and employees;
  • Increase transparency, improve communication and collaboration and foster synergies between the digitalisation initiatives within the organization and with external partners;
  • Identify and learn about digitalisation initiatives from other organisations; and
  • Communicate the entire process throughout the organization, as well as with key external stakeholders.


The digital use cases contained in this platform were created for demonstration purposes. Especially the information in the "Status" and "KPI" tabs were compiled to show the functions of the platform and do not represent the project's actual data.

While AFRY considers that the information and opinions given in this work are sound, all parties must rely upon their own skill and judgement when making use of it. AFRY does not make any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this platform and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of such information. AFRY will not assume any liability to anyone for any loss or damage arising out of the provision and use of this platform.

How to get started

1. Video: Introduction

If you are unsure how to navigate this platform and want to learn more about the reasoning behind te features please watch this introductory video, in which we explain all the major aspects of the Digital Use Case Platform.

2. Video: How to edit a Use Case

In this demo version the edit function has not been enabled. Thus, we created this video to show you all the elements of a Digital Use Case and how you can adapt the platform to suit your needs.

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